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IT Food Businesslunch: What does innovation in the food sector look like and how can a European ecosystem be created?

Failure as a path to Sucess: People don't like to talk about failure - but it is actually a part of/drive for the really big success stories much more often than we think- exciting round of talks with an impressive list of panellists.

Patient Empowerment: on innovations in health care to promote patient self-determination.

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ViennaUP'21 is a decentralized event. That’s why you have to register separately for the events of your choice. Please browse the agenda and follow the links to see the individual registration terms.

ViennaUP is a unique festival with a series of online events organized by the community for the community. You have the opportunity to tune in to dozens of event across different topics. We are working hard to ensure that participants can connect across all events. By creating your profile on  ViennaUP´21 main matching platform, you can access the profiles of the whole ViennaUP’21-community.

What's On

Wired Innovate

7.5.WIRED Innovate - Explore the future of sustainability across fashion, food, health and technology.

FinTech Week

FinTech Week  dives into the developments which shapes the FinTech ecosystem in Austria in 2021.

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16 Videos  - meet the faces of ViennaUP'21, embassadors from all over the world.