From Technology to Beyond.

From Technology to Beyond

The world is in motion.

It is a fact that for centuries people's way of life has been influenced by the technological progress faced by that generation. The repeating idea of society and advancements in technological terms is where each factor enormously influences the other. ViennaUP offers new perspectives on the role of technology in business and cultural dynamics and highlights the transformation of the world around us across various events.

In multiple settings, the ViennaUP community will tackle topics such as smart cities, digital humanism, impact-driven entrepreneurship, creative industries, gender equality, and sustainability. Today's technology, which we have already taken for granted, opens the doors to an even more creative world.
Let’s discover that throughout ViennaUP’22. Meet people from different backgrounds, learn from best practice examples across various industries and talk to forward-thinkers on what will matter in the future. 

Get involved in stimulating conversations on the transformative power of technology amidst the most impressive locations of Vienna.

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