Choose your own adventure

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...and make this YOUR ViennaUP experience.

A man explores the butterfly house in Burggarten
Many paths, one Vienna. Your Vienna! Photo: Butterfly house at Burggarten; C:Unsplash_Jovan Vasiljevic

ViennaUP is not one event but many – a decentralized festival hosted by the city’s blooming startup community. Our incredible program partners are hosting a vast array of events at snazzy locations around town, and there is a lot what should you attend?

This is a choose-your-own-adventure experience, and you should attend anything you like. But to help you get started, our diverse program of partner-hosted events and activities has been streamlined into curated experiences. Whatever you want to learn, whatever you want to achieve, whenever you will be here: this is your Vienna.

On our program page, you’ll see a drop-down filter that lets you toggle between tracks. The question is: What do you want your ViennaUPSHOT to be?

You want to…

  • Invest brilliantly.  Welcome all angels, VCs, corporates, incubators, accelerators, banks and private magic-makers: This is your ViennaUP. Listen to exciting pitches, exchange ideas and network with peers from Austria and the world.

  • Find investors.That means you, founders and startup representatives. Pitch your ideas, join networking events, sign up for one-to-one matchmaking sessions, and get to know Vienna better in the process. This is your Vienna: come and get it.

  • Skill up and scale up.  Again, we’re looking at all of you bold startups out there. Are you looking for skills training, job coaching, mentorship or acceleration and incubation programs? Meet experts and hear from super successful founders about the ups, downs, ins and outs of growth. This experience is all about learning so you can grow.

  • Discover new tech.  Calling all nerds, geeks and other tech freaks looking for inspiring ideas, innovative concepts, useful software solutions and even exciting jobs. This is tech that not only can, but should.

  • Impact the future.  If you are a startup, corporate, investor, policy maker or non-profit in the business of making the world better, this is for you. This is the track for long-term, people/planet/profit-friendly solutions and game-changing ideas. For sustainable development goals, smart cities, life sciences and all flavors of social entrepreneurship.

  • Experience culture and tech.  Everyone knows that Vienna knows from good art – and now you can experience its cutting edge. This is the track for creative businesses and industries, makers, museums and more. Follow the path down the street where art, business and technology meet.

Make the most of your ViennaUP and find the events that are the best fit for you!

On behalf of the startup ecosystem: we can’t wait to meet you.