Discover New Tech

Discover new tech

Welcome to the crazy land of inventions!

(c): WirtschaftsagenturWien_eSeLat-LorenzSeidler.jpg
(c): WirtschaftsagenturWien_eSeLat-LorenzSeidler.jpg

In Vienna, we:

eat salmon from the 3D-printer,
wear shirts colored by bacteria and sewed by robots,
make leather out of mushrooms,
ride mechanical horses in simulated worlds,
and thanks to tasty tech upgrades, even our salad has some KPIs to meet.

This capital has birthed everything from groundbreaking physics discoveries to tiny inventions that make our lives easier. At ViennaUP, there are events for both insiders and newcomers to come #DiscoverNewTech.

Calling all nerds, geeks and tech freaks to buckle up for a wild ride:

  • Are you a developer?
    Check out WeAreDevelopers LIVE - Cloud Day!
    Or take on the challenge posed by the Austrian National Tourism Board and find ways to use data to improve sustainable tourism practices at the InnoDays Spring, and break into new frontiers in only 48 hours.
    But what if the challenge is even shorter? Use AI to create a working prototype in 24 hours at the AI for Sustainability Hackathon '23.
    And if you're on the hunt for a new career -- or for talent -- do visit the Tech Jobs Fair and unleash hidden potential!
  • Want to see what innovations others are have come up with? 
    Meet you at at the greatest “show and tell”: Maker Faire Vienna 2023 is dedicated to the new, the innovative, the curious, and the resourceful. 
    Health heroes can learn from best practices from around the world at the Health Innovation Summit.
    Under the theme "Green is the new black - from smokestacks to sustainability", Manufacturing Day will showcase innovations and tech driving the transition.
    Witness mind-blowing pilot project presentations, trend reports, and super-charged panel discussions at Travel & Smart Cities EXPO 4, a hybrid event at the International Airport!
    The Business Treff: Sustainability in ICT lets you chat with industry leaders and experts about best practices for reducing the environmental impact of technology.
    At the Smart City SuMMit, organized by the Vienna Business Agency and held at the brand new Climate Lab, this interactive hybrid event showcases the initiatives and approaches that will enable Vienna to reach its ambitious climate goals. 
  • Ready to try your hand (and head) at doing your own innovating?
    Get inspired by our Impactful Solutions Exhibition. Check out 40 local initiatives you can replicate and learn from. From social inclusion to sustainable food, they've got you covered!
    Take a look at The Ventury's Let's Innovate! to unlock your organization's potential.
    Or team up with Mobility in Action to create revolutionary mobility solutions that benefit us all.
    At the upcoming UpSkilling Night with the one-lifetime battle Job vs. Career covers fields such as Edu Tech, the digital revolution, and much more.
  • Curious about startup ideas that could change the world?
    There is a wide range of "pitch rodeos". At the Joint Forces, Startup World Cup Austria, and Women Startup Competition, experience the full thrill of competing and reinventing the present and future.
  • Alles tanzt! – All Future!
    The Future Ball isn't your average ball -- or your average art exhibition. It's a place to connect with like-minded people and immerse yourself in art tech and #MakeTomorrowNow.

Welcome to ViennaUP’23, where innovation is found – and created!