Experience culture and technology

Experience culture and technology

A Viennese Love Story!

Gustav Klimts 'Der Kuss' (c) Belvedere, Wien

Gustav Klimt, the famous artist, was head-over-heels for his muse and companion, Emilie Flöge – a feminist couturièr who was (probably) depicted in the world-famous painting, “The Kiss”. She made clothes that women could actually breathe in – a design technology, so to speak, that literally helped free women.

Klimt was an artist, and Flöge a creative businesswoman. Their Viennese love story echoes to this day, with technology continually changing what art is and how we experience it, and revolutionizing its commercialization. At ViennaUP, the program track #ExperienceCultureandTechnology showcases leading ideas, innovations and impulses from the creative sector. Flöge may have made dresses for the upper crust, but today’s art spaces and creative businesses are for everyone.

Join us at ViennaUP23 to #ExperienceCultureandTechnology:

  • Get ready to witness the birth of something big - the CultTech movement.
    This hybrid pitching session for startups and innovators is one-of-a-kind! When Demo Day rolls around, it's time for the big reveal! The graduating startups get to show off their tech solutions in the cultural sector to the public and investors. You may just see the next big thing.
  • A networking occasion that opens up new doors for creativity.
    A bunch of cool cats from all over the world who are on different missions in architecture, design, film, gaming, fashion, music, and visual arts are speaking about how technology shapes culture and what to expect. The Creative Days Vienna 2023 are happening at various locations - and you can visit them all!
  • Join the greatest show-and-tell.
    Meet tech-savvy hobbyists, tinkers, and inventors with crazy ideas and projects at Austria’s largest do-it-yourself gathering. The Maker Faire Vienna 2023, is all about hands-on fun, so get ready to roll up your sleeves and experiment.
  • Participate in a bash and digital art exhibition all in one.
    The Future Ball is a party and networking opportunity where innovation, art, and technology come together to connect people who are changing the game. Get ready to #MakeTomorrowNow and experience a night of avant-garde fun. With 7 exhibition rooms for immersive exhibitions, 2 dance floors, and 1 show stage, we promise, you'll be blown away. And don't forget to dress for the occasion, because you're an integral part of the show.
  • Discuss the hottest topic of our time – the rise of AI and machine learning!
    Our partners at the CultTech Association are connecting philosophy and technology to explore “AI's Role in Cultural Development and Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities”. So join us now and get answers to all your burning questions!

Be like Gustav and Emilie – be artsy, be techy, be business savvy!
From ViennaUP with love!