ViennaUP'22 Homebase and More!

Introducing the ViennaUP Homebase (and other ways to experience Wien like a Wiener)!

Even a decentralized, community-led festival like ViennaUP’22 needs a home base; a place to grab info, connect with others and relax. We have lined up some special places and spaces to help you immerse yourself in this summer city life.

Please note: Participants will need a ViennaUP wristband to access these offers. The wristbands will be distributed to registered participants at all ViennaUP events.

ViennaUP Homebase

The ViennaUP Homebase will be open at Karlsplatz throughout the festival. This is an infopoint and central meeting spot for all ViennaUP participants, outfitted with comfy seating and a fabulous view of the Karlskirche. Check out some fun highlight events below! 

Location:Karlsplatz (on the square in front of the cathedral)
Opening hours: May 27 – June 3, daily from 11AM to 11PM

Highlight events @Homebase:

  • Find your female cofounder by WeDo5 
    Monday, May 30, 6PM – 9PM
  • CityRiddler Challenge: Riddle Tour through Vienna
    Wednesday, June 1, 2:30PM – 4:30PM
    Do you know the Freemason headquarters in Vienna? Or the story of thestreet of blood? Can you solve the secret equation at Stock Im Eisen? Find the answers and riddle your way through the inner city of Vienna together with your friends! Get the inside-insider facts and learn some fun history.
    As part of ViennaUP, CityRiddler is offering a unique ViennaUP riddle tour in their app. Meet up with others and race to solve puzzles and find your way back to the starting point. The first ones back will win tickets for the movie “An Impossible Project” for June 2, 2022 @ Filmcasino.
    Register here
  • PICKS - VR Music Video Presentation with Q&A 
    Wednesday, June 1, 6PM - 8PM
    “Make you need me” is a virtual reality music video for the avant garde pop band 5k HD. A rocket is transporting you with tons of electronic trash to a Dump in Space. Out of gravity you are floating through scrap like broken TVs, mobiles, toys and other electronic waste. Like an artificial intelligence the devices come to life and play a desperate lovesong for you.
    Awarded by "Artist in Residence ORF", "Pixel, Bytes und Film" and the "Content Award Vienna", the VR experience celebrated its premiere this year as part of "Innovation Bridge Europe" at "SXSW2022"
    Presentation on-stage at 7PM; testing with VR-goggles will be available before and after!
  • “Viennese Hour”
    every day, 7PM - 10PM

    Partners and participants (with an armband!) can meet and connect while enjoying a drink on the house! (Wine, Wine spritzers, beer, soft drinks).

ViennaUP Café Cooperation

We have reserved (and branded) tables at four traditional Viennese Kaffeehäuser to give participants a taste of what could be the world’s oldest co-working spaces. Partners and participants who have a wristband may order a complimentary cup of coffee. The cafés are situated close to several major event venues, and the ViennaUP tables will be unmistakably branded. Please do pass on the word to your event attendees: This special offer is for anyone looking for a spot to withdraw, chat, get some work done or just stare into space while enjoying some Wiener Vibes.

Be sure to check out our special Coffee Sessions, too!


Opening hours:
Mon – Fri, May 30 – June 3, daily from 8AM to 6PM except Café Savoy (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM)