Invest Brilliantly

Invest brilliantly

The importance of great people

AVCO Breakfast
AVCO_breakfast (c)WirtschaftsagenturWien_Karin Hackl

"The most important thing is the founding team," said Hansi Hansmann, prominent Austrian business angel, in an interview with Der Standard. He was talking about his top criteria for investing. "Is there someone clearly leading who can withstand the enormous pressure? Because it's a 24-hour job, seven days a week."

Here at ViennaUP, we know there is no substitute for face-to-face time, whether with great founders and driven teams or with like-minded business angels, VCs, corporates, and even private equity investors. That's why we have put together the program track just for investors: #InvestBrilliantly.

The program of ViennaUP'23 is a colorful collage of foresight concepts, technologies, and, most importantly, events - a chance to talk to people behind the pitches and investments. Should it be to choose amongst ideas from 70 competing countries, listen to a championship of pitches, support female leadership, or discuss your impressions with other investors, right is at your feet! 

A sneak peek into the buzzing beehive: 

This year's ViennaUP will satisfy your thirst for valuable personal connection, exchange of know-how, groundbreaking ideas, and lucrative investment opportunities!