Special hotel deals

Special hotel deals!

From cozy to grand

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It’s a sleepover! The perfect Vienna experience means laying your head down in comfort – trust us, you’ll need it. Whether you prefer a cozy neighborhood joint, hip housing or something truly fancy, we have a hotel recommendation for you. All our partner hotels are located near the heart of the city, making it easy to get around the many events that make up this year’s community-driven startup festival experience.

The best part? ViennaUP'22 participants get exclusive deals on their room bookings – that is, while supplies last. We recommend booking asap!

  • 1st district: Hotel Grand Ferdinand
    Schubertring 10 - 12, 1010 Wien
     “Once you've experienced true beauty, you'll never again be taken in by the ordinary.” This is the promise of the truly grand Grand Ferdinand. To access your exclusive 20% ViennaUP'22 discount, use this link.

  • 2nd district: Grätzelhotel Karmelitermarkt
    Große Sperlgasse 6,/Afrikanergasse 3, 1020 Vienna
    In German, your "Grätzel" is your block, your hood, your home. This hip hotel offers “puristic comfort in the heart of the trendy Jewish quarter.”
    Use room code “ViennaUP22” for 20% off their daily rates. Book online or directly by email.

  • 3rd district: Hotel Daniel Vienna
    Landstraßer Gürtel 5, 1030 Vienna
    Unassuming, clean, cool and near the city centre – that’s Hotel Daniel Vienna. For your exclusive 20% ViennaUP discount, use this booking link.

  •  4th district: Grätzelhotel Belvedere
    Favoritenstraße 17/3-5, 1040 Vienna
    Another member of the Grätzelhotel family, this accommodation is located on a quiet side street, features cool art and is super close to (surprise!) the Belvedere palace.
    Use room code “ViennaUP22” for 20% off their daily rates. Book online or directly by email.

  • 7th district: Hotel am Brillantengrund
    Bandgasse 4, 1070 Vienna
    A down-to-earth hotel featuring a palm-lined courtyard and rooms with designs from the 1950s – 1970s, deep in the heart of Yuppy-hipsterville.
    Mention “ViennaUP22” in your reservation for a discount!

  • 12th district: Grätzelhotel Meidlinger Markt
    Reschgasse 4, 1120 Vienna
    Last but not least, this Grätzelhotel is located in a district just starting on the up-and-up, very close to the handy U4 Ubahn line, featuring a colorful mix of tradition and international flair. 
    Use room code “ViennaUP22” for 20% off their daily rates. Book online or directly by email.

Enjoy exploring these hotels, reserve your room asap and don’t forget your PJs and toothbrush (or your laptop, your tablet, your cell phone, your smart watch, your charger, your other charger, your other charger and your other charger)! We cannot wait to have you over.


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