up3 x ViennaUP: Free 5G for ViennaUP Participants!

Special ViennaUP offer from up3!

Travelling to ViennaUP from abroad and looking for a data plan for your trip? Considering a new cellular provider? Or just ready to try 5G?

Startups need lightning-fast internet, no matter where they’re working. That’s why our partners at Drei, the Austrian telecommunications provider, have put together a special up3 trial offer for all ViennaUP participants, program partners and friends: Up to three months of FREE 5G when you download the up3 app for your eSIM-capable cellphone.

ViennaUP participants tend to be early adopters, so think of the up3 offer as a way to test the wireless waters – and form your own opinion about the much-touted speed, capacity, low latency and innovation potential of 5G.

What’s up3?

With the new app up3 from Drei, you can create and activate an eSIM profile within minutes, providing access to unlimited data, minutes and SMS – either instead of or in addition to your existing provider and phone number. The app allows you to create an eSIM profile without any paperwork or store visits, so onboarding is simple and fast. No credit check required!

In addition to the 5G network, up3 is offering ViennaUP participants registration via social media accounts and an in-app button to pause or end your subscription at any time.

Remind me how eSIM works?

Unlike physical SIM cards, the eSIM is a chip that is already permanently installed in your device – and usually activated by scanning a QR code that you receive when you sign up for new contract. Up3 makes it even easier, allowing you to set up a profile directly in the app.

Drei believes that startups in particular will benefit from the new up3 service, because – in addition to the speed and stability of 5G – their offer is expandable and flexible. Starting in Summer 2023, customers will be able to add up to 10 eSIMs to their single subscription, allowing these to be managed or paused from the main account.

Okay, but what’s the catch? There is no catch. All you need is an eSIM-enabled phone. At the end of your three-month trial subscription (or any time up to five days before it ends), either deactivate up3 in the app at the click of a button or – if you’re happy with their services – continue as a subscriber for €19.90 /month. No subscription surprises!

To learn more and download up3, go here and click on the app store of your choice: HERE!