Vienna in Figures 2022

Cucumber Capital: There's more growing in Vienna than you think!

Fresh stats about economic growth, life, and work

Growing and living in Vienna! (c):Unsplash_Tyler Nix
Growing and living in Vienna! (c):Unsplash_Tyler Nix
  • Alongside 1,931,593 inhabitants, there are 70 cattle, 173 goats, and 236 sheep
  • Vienna covers 62% of the country's cucumber and 61% of its eggplant supply
  • Around 1.9% of the total area is covered by vineyards

Got you curious? There are even more reasons (PDF) why Vienna is the right place for you and your business. The city is a startup hotbed and fertile ground for success, featuring exciting networks and attractive business conditions. Besides being the "most liveable city" according to the Economist Quality of Living Index in 2022, Austria's capital also leads by doggedly pursuing the common good and preparing the city for the future. The City of Vienna's recent publication on facts and figures examines the composition of this fertilizer, so to speak, providing as much food for thought as Vienna does food for the table. 

Internationally oriented: Moving to Vienna has never been more appealing - with a population increase of over 13% over the last 10 years. As of 1 January 2022, the city was home to inhabitants from 179 different nationalities - but is open for more! In addition, around 225 international companies were established here in 2021, more than in all other federal provinces of Austria combined.

R&D: Intense research and development funding fuel innovation and new business ideas. The City of Vienna directly invested 128 million euros in research and research promotion in 2020 alone. In terms of Austria's overal R&D spending, around 31% (3.9 billion euros) flows into Vienna.

Quality of life: It could be the fresh air, the 1,300 drinking fountains with crisp, clean mountain water, the extensive and efficient public transport that costs just one euro per day, or the 49% of Vienna that is green spaces. Maybe it's the high-quality free kindergartens, that make working life much simpler for new parents. Whatever it is, people love it! 90% of all Viennese like living here, and up to 75% would start a family. Besides affordable social housing, the city works hard to create an inclusive public space offering free events, concerts, recreational activities, places to meet your neighbours and share a coffee, and more!  

If you're a startup or investor, ViennaUP is a great chance to not only make essential business contacts and uncover opportunities, but also discover why so many people want to live here. 

This (PDF) is the City of Vienna's "Vienna in Figures 2022", which provides some fun facts and serious stats about life along the Danube. Sit back, have a cucumber (or a glass of wine), and take a look!