Why ViennaUP?

Get involved in one of the most diverse and fastest growing start up scenes in Central Europe.

ViennaUP is a unique hybrid event series for startups and investors, taking place both around the world online, and offline in Vienna. Comprising dozens of workshops, talks and conferences taking place every single day for two groundbreaking weeks, this is a new way for tomorrow's pioneering business solutions to find their partners.

Together we are strong! 40 partners and events organizers create the ViennaUP network, curated by the Viennese startup community. ViennaUp's range of online and on-site events are open to a Global Community, giving all participants the chance to explore a vast spectrum of international startups working in FinTech, HealthTech, climate conscious business and much else. ViennaUP'21 is connecting tomorrow's problem solvers with today's boldest investors. 

We believe that power couples drive the future of innovation/tech, so dozens of expertly curated networking and matchmaking events occur throughout an intensely busy and remarkable fortnight of action. Investors can get to know some of Vienna's bold and young startups before anybody else does, while those same startups can seize the opportunity to pitch their ideas to experienced international financiers.

Vitally, sustainability is one of the key goals we are working towards here at ViennaUP. Smart business can help us reduce consumption, make fewer unnecessary purchases, and leave behind less waste. Furthermore – we are united only through our diversity! We see gender equality and diversity as a key route to thriving innovation. ViennaUP has it in its DNA to strive for gender equality and empower people of all types, shapes and sizes.

ViennaUP is an event series confirming the city's position as one of the world's leading international hubs for pioneering startups and innovating companies, as a vital gateway to Eastern Europe, and as an age-old capital striding boldly into the future.

Come along, get connected, and be inspired.