That was ViennaUP

That was ViennaUP'21

Comprising over 100 events, a great variety of innovation- and startup-related content was featured as part of our first ViennaUP, held in 2021.

Our ViennaUP'21 program partners

We are delighted that thousands of people joined ViennaUP´21 digitally. With more than 5.000 one-on-one meetings initiated throughaout the festival.
Give the digital nature of all the events (as a result of the pandemic) there were no geographical boundaries and participants from 60+ countries were able to take part in the very first ever ViennaUP journey.

You missed the first edition? Don´t worry: you can re-watch some of the sessions on our ViennaUP Youtube Channel.

All of this was only made possible by the ongoing support of our ViennaUP partners. (PDF) Kudos to everyone for joining forces and creating the big bang for Vienna as a startup location with us.