From crazy to grand. Did you like our video?
Here is the text of the poem - and an overview on the typically Viennese characters, idiosyncrasies and inventors it contains. Discover places associated with it on a tour through Vienna.

From the sausage with cheese, after the opera to the always looks good – waterproof mascara.
From ice cream and dumplings perfectly combined to a being inside you the unconscious mind.
From the jumping and dancing self tanned teen to the se se se se se se sewing machine.
From a place between art with the worlds biggest bedroom to „my wifi is good“, thanks the spread spectrum.
From really crispy schnitzel and the schmaltz, it was dipped in to this place of preparation you know as fitted kitchen.
From many bright colors and the paintings with the boobs to the three minutes daily – toothpaste in a tube.
The inventions from Vienna. This original blend.
It has always been there. From crazy to grand.


Featured famous Viennese characters & specialties:

- Käsekrainer at Bitzinger (Sausage stand behind the Opera house)
- Helene Winterstein-Kambersky (Inventor of waterproof mascara)
- Kurt Tichy, Sr. (Inventor of Eismarillenknödel)
- Sigmund Freud (Founder of psychoanalysis)
- Krocha (Krocha style - self-tanning and dancing teen craze)
- Josef Madersperger (Inventor of the sewing machine)
- MuseumsQuartier and Enzis (a place between art, bedroom)
- Hedi Lamarr (Actress and Inventor of the spread spectrum)
- Wiener Schnitzel (Invented by Joseph Radetzky)
Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky (Invented the "Frankfurter Kitchen")
Egon Schiele (famous painter, nude painting) 
Friedrich Albert Sarg (Inventor of of the Toothpaste Tube)

Würstelstand Bitzinger

Grilled Käsekrainer and other Viennese specialties.

Albertinaplatz 1, 1010 Wien

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Theater an der Wien

Vienna breathes musicals, operas and operetta. The Theater an der Wien is a prime example - here, too, waterproof mascara is an indispensable aid.

Eissalon Tichy

Where Knödel meets jam - a frozen lovestory.

Reumannplatz 13, 1100 Wien

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+43 1 604 44 46

Sigmund Freud Museum

Where the founder of psychoanalysis worked and lived.

Prater Dome

Where the "Krocha" dance all night.

Riesenradplatz 7, 1020 Wien

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Monument Josef Madersberger

Invented the sewing machine.

Resselpark, 1010 Wien

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Find art and the worlds biggest bedroom to chill.


Meet Hedi Lamarr, famous actress and inventor.

Figlmüller Vienna

The best place for a very crispy schnitzel.

Bäckerstraße 6, 1010 Wien

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+43 1 512 17 60

Werkbundsiedlung Vienna

Meet the inventor of the "Frankfurt kitchen".

Woinovichgasse, 1130 Wien

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Lower Belvedere

Find art from Austria and international highlights.

Cemetery Liesing Vienna

Tomb of the Carl Sarg family.

Siebenhirtenstraße 16, 1230 Wien

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