ViennaUP The Startup Festival

This was ViennaUP 2024!

Save the date! 

8. - 16. 5. 2025

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Dive into ViennaUP's curated experiences.

  • Curated Experiences

    These six experiences group ViennaUP events according to your startup festival objective, a starting place to explore the full programme. Check it out. 

  • Skill Up & Scale Up

    Never stop learning. Workshops and coaching for founders and innovators who want to raise their game in order to grow.

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  • Impact the Future

    These happenings are for startups, corporates, investors, policy makers and non-profits in the business of making the world a better place.

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  • Find Investors

    Pitch your big idea, network with the right people, get to know your industry ecosystem and chat with entrepreneurs and experts from super-successful enterprises.

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  • Discover New Tech

    If brilliant new innovations get you fired up, explore what game-changing innovators from all kinds of verticals are up to right now.

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  • Invest Brilliantly

    Events for making valuable personal connections with incredible teams and discuss the most pressing issues facing investors today.

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  • Experience Culture & Technology

    Dive into events and workshops that are all about the interplay of arts, digital tech, and business. 

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  • 10 reasons to do business in Vienna

    A key player in the international startup scene, a growing destination for international companies, and much more - here is why Vienna is a grand place for business. 

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    Bridge open for transit of ships and boats at a river depicted from above
  • Why talent loves Vienna

    Vienna is the place to be for startups and talented professionals - whether it’s innovation or liveability, discover what else this forward-thinking city can offer you and your team.

    Many people in a co working space, sitting around tables
  • Green trailblazer: Vienna's climate responsibility success

    A true pioneer, Vienna began tackling environmental protection before it was cool. Read on to find out how the city plans to become climate-neutral by 2040.

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    Panorama of the Danube River, surrounded by trees, and people in the water.
  • Vienna in the international network

    A fixture of the international startup scene, Vienna has established itself as a key global player, and maintains strong connections to all major innovation hubs. 

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    Two men and a woman standing in Stadtpark and speaking
  • Get excited for ViennaUP!


    “With its vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, its strong community focus, and excitement for impactful ideas & founders, ViennaUP showcases Vienna’s appeal to the international startup community. We couldn’t be happier that innovation enthusiasts choose to come back year after year—for the valuable insights, for the meaningful connections, and to experience the business location first-hand.”


    Gabriele Tatzberger, Head of Startup Services
    Vienna Business Agency

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