Homebase & Coffee Houses: Networking Opportunities, Vienna Style
Homebase & Coffee Houses: Networking Opportunities, Vienna Style

Homebase Every Day! the heart of historic Vienna.

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ViennaUP Homebase
The central meeting point of ViennaUP'23 is open throughout the whole festival!

Please note: A ViennaUP wristband is required to access these offers; these will be distributed at all participating ViennaUP events – make sure you ask for yours!

A decentralized, community-led festival like ViennaUP’23 needs a home base; a place to connect with others, get to know Vienna – and unwind just a little after a big day. The ViennaUP Homebase will be open at Karlsplatz throughout the festival. This is an info point and central meeting spot for all ViennaUP participants, outfitted with comfy seating and a fabulous view of the Karlskirche.

This year, visitors to the ViennaUP Homebase can sample Viennese wine, beer and soft drinks. What’s more, delicacies both traditional and cutting-edge will be available to taste, provided by some of Vienna’s most delicious urban food producers. Drinks and small snacks are complimentary to those with a ViennaUP wristband! And do check out other fun highlight events below! 

Location: Karlsplatz (on the square in front of the cathedral)
Opening hours: May 30 – June 7, daily from 4PM to 10PM

Highlight events @Homebase:

  • ViennaUP’23 is opening this year’s festival with a BIG BANG
    Tuesday, May 30, 9PM

    A street spectacle with larger-than-life horse figures, made out of light, air and materials will take the Karlsplatz by storm. The french visionary collective "Compagnie des Quidams" is going to perform for the first time in Vienna. (Click link above to find out more)

  • GINspiration Networking Event: Connecting International Startups with the Austrian Innovation Ecosystem
    Thursday, June 1, 5PM – 10PM
    GINspiration will be all about connecting international startups with the Austrian startup and innovation community, including corporates, startups, investors, accelerators, researchers and public agencies. (Click link above to get your free ticket!)
  • CityRiddler Challenge: Riddle Tour through Vienna
    Saturday, June 3, 4PM – 6PM
    Do you know the Freemason headquarters in Vienna? Or the story of thestreet of blood? Can you solve the secret equation at Stock Im Eisen? Find the answers and riddle your way through the inner city of Vienna together with your friends! Get the inside-insider facts and learn some fun history. (Click link above to get your free ticket!)
  • Future Ball Pre-Party @Homebase with FM4
    Saturday, June 3, 6PM – 10PM

    ViennaUP is partnering with the Future Ball, an avant-garde art-immersion experience taking place at SO/Vienna. To help get party-goers and all other ViennaUP participants in the mood, the Homebase will feature a cool DJ lineup from alternative, international radio station FM4.
  • Find Your Female Co-Founder with WeDO5
    Monday, June 5, 6PM – 9PM

    Join us at the Find Your Female Co-Founder event during the Vienna Up event to pitch your startup and find a female co-founder. This is an opportunity to make the right connections, find Co-Founders, Team Members, Co-Workers, and the opportunity to join an early-stage startup. (Click link for tickets!)
  • Impactful Solutions Exhibition by Snowball Effect
    Tuesday, June 6, 4PM – 9PM
    An immersive exhibition of 40 local and replicable initiatives to learn from. Would you like to launch an initiative that makes a positive difference in your community? What if you could discover plenty of impactful initiatives you could reproduce locally? Click on the link to book a free guided tours are available at 4PM, 5PM, 6PM and 7PM.
  • Virtual Reality Stand, part of “The SDG Road in Metaverse”
    Tuesday, June 6, 4PM – 6PM
    The SDG Road in Metaverse event from 1MillionStartups is taking place in the Metaverse, with participants joining via VR-Headsets or through their regular browsers. Those wishing to experience the full virtual experience, headsets will be available at this time at the Homebase: Get in!
  •  “Viennese Hour”
    Every day, 6PM - 10PM

    Partners and participants (with a ViennaUP wristband!) meet and connect while enjoying a free drink on the house! (Local wine, wine spritzers, beer and soft drinks).

ViennaUP Café Cooperation

We have reserved (and branded) tables at four traditional Viennese Kaffeehäuser to give participants a taste of what could be the world’s oldest co-working spaces. Partners and participants who have a wristband may order a complimentary cup of coffee. The cafés are situated close to several major event venues, and the ViennaUP tables will be unmistakably branded. Please do pass on the word to your event attendees: This special offer is for anyone looking for a spot to withdraw, chat, get some work done or just stare into space while enjoying some Wiener Vibes.


Opening hours:
Mon – Fri, May 30 – June 7, daily from 8AM to 6PM!