Skill up and scale up

Skill up and scale up

Learn from each other; learn from the best

ConnectDay (c) WirtschaftsagenturWien_KarinHackl
ConnectDay (c) WirtschaftsagenturWien_KarinHackl

In Vienna, great minds don't always think alike - they create, innovate, advocate, and collaborate!
The Austrian capital has always been a melting pot of ingenuity, attracting bright people from all corners of the world. For centuries, Vienna’s intellectual tradition has offered fertile soil for innovation – but no one from Sigmund Freud, the innovator Hedy Lammar to 2022 Physics Nobel Prize winner Anton Zeilinger operated in a vacuum – instead, they built on knowledge and skills they learned from others.

For entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators like you, the upcoming ViennaUP offers excellent opportunities to learn new skills, refine your ideas and build on others’ expertise so you can grow far, above, and beyond. We have put together a program track especially for visionaries and innovators looking to #SkillUpAndScaleUP.

This gathering is your instant knowledge download!

  • Want to learn from women who are smashing glass walls and ceilings?
    Then, take the privilege to sneak and peek behind the scenes of outstanding innovations and successful businesses - take your chances at Founder & Investor Talk #86 with Theresa Imre to listen to authentic stories on what it means to be an innovator, founder, and investor. Experience the journey to success firsthand!
    If you plan to Find Your Female Co-Founder, join events organized by WeDO5. At these inclusive occasions you can pick the biggest brains from different industries or work with others to master challenges.
  • Reskill, Skill Up, or Both?
    At the pitching session Joint Forces, you will get feedback and support on your venture from fellow entrepreneurs. This is a unique chance to draw upon the top concepts of BOKU:BASE, TUW i²c, and WU. On occasions such as UpSkilling Night: Job vs Career, you pick up on techniques to master challenges and come out on top in your industry, covering the whole spectrum from newbie in the tech to a rooky investor.
  • Innovate and Accelerate!
    If you want to follow companies challenging talent, then join InnoDays Spring. Here everyone is aiming to create solutions within only 48 hours! Tick tock!
    But, if you are looking for the right individual opportunity, then visit Tech Jobs Fair – Vienna 2023, or watch and learn how entrepreneurs have their sleeves rolled up and in full motion to make headway at Techstars Startup Weekend – WomenUP!
  • Business Tools Assemble! 
    At Startup Live ViennaUP'23 you will receive Tips and Tricks around lead generation, selling, sale strategies, and marketing. Unlocking the Power of SEA for Business Growth is a specialized event to help you learn how to increase online revenue. But what if the idea is still “in the oven”? 
    Then, get a solid foundation first and acquire the essential knowledge needed to launch your business successfully, visit Do it right! Basics for company founding in Vienna. And, as ever, it’s not just what you know – it’s who you share it with. Visit Connect Day – the matchmaking event for business contacts.

Yours is to dare!
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